All Xtreme Pty Ltd.

All Xtreme Pty Ltd. is widely recognised as one of the most well-known enterprises from Dulwich Hill, New South Wales, Australia. We are one of the leading Exporters and Suppliers of a wide range of products, to many parts of the world.

Alpha Gold Plus Infant Formula Milk Powder

To ensure the finest quality, our team makes every endeavor to present a qualitative and certified array of products. We have online payment processing system to avoid security issues. In order to make it more reliable, we have maintained payment logs accessible for the convenience of our customers.

Nutritional Informations

Name Units Per kg Per 100ml Per 100 KJ
Energy Kj 2165 285.78 100
Protein (Total) g 13.25 1.75 0.61
Whey Protein g 7.95 1.05 0.37
Casein Protein g 5.3 0.70 0.24
Fat (Total) g 28.35 3.74 1.31
Carbohydrate (Total) g 52.3 6.90 2.42
Lactose g 50 6.60 2.31