All Xtreme Pty Ltd.

All Xtreme Pty Ltd. is widely recognised as one of the most well-known enterprises from Dulwich Hill, New South Wales, Australia. We are one of the leading Exporters and Suppliers of a wide range of products, to many parts of the world.

Milk+ Maternal Lactating Formula Milk Powder

It is essential for a mother-to-be to ensiure that she receives the necessary nutrients for both her and her nbaby. While breast-feeding, the mother needs to continue to add those vital nutrients every day. A daily intake of Folic Acid, Niacin, Riboflavin and Vitamin B12 is required to promote the baby's development.


We offer a low fat milk powder that has added ingredients to promote a healthy digestive system, build strong teeth and bones, and assist in red blood cell production which will carry oxygen throughout the body.